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School Management Portal

School Management Software

School Management Software especially designed to fulfill all requirements of educational institutes that includes schools, colleges and academies. It is secure, reliable and same time has a user friendly Interface so the use of this software guarantee to reduce time from days to minutes with high quality and easy to accessible history of all actions.

Key Features


Here it manage Student Registration, Admissions, Attendance, Classes, Sections, Id cards and guardian management. Read More…


Users management feature manage school staff and their salaries including principals, teachers, accountants and security guards, etc. Read More…


You can manage all expenses easily, system allow you to create multiple categories and heads to differentiate expenses. Read More…


Staff salaries/payroll allow you to manage all type of allowances, salaries, penalties, loans and installments with complete reporting. Read More…


It helps you manage monthly and occasional fees collection, fee assignment, arrears, challan, and voucher creation same way security and fine. Read More…


All academic operations are managed like classes, sections, periods, class routines, relationship of teacher, class, period and subject. Read More…


Attendance for both staff and students can be taken by using this software, manual as well as biometric attendance and leaves can be managed. Read More…


Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports detailed and summarized reports with attractive designs are available on a single click.


Printing Student ID-Cards with multiple design samples are available, it’s a matter of few clicks and ID Cards for all students are ready.

Result Cards

Headache of preparing result cards is solved, you just need to enter exams result to system rest will be managed by system automatically.


Exams are managed by names, dates and subjects, it’s very easy to find result of a specific student or a subject.


Fee vouchers and challan is a mandatory requirement of each school, with a single click you can print vouchers of full school or class or section.

Introductory Video
This video contains introduction and over view of main features only of school management software. Here we only tried to introduce top level features without going in depth, for details please explore and click on read more links. For user convenes we provided videos for each step how to do and how to manage, still if you don’t understand how to manage you are welcome to call our support experts to guide step by step.


For One School
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Unlimited Students
Unlimited Staff
Daily Backup on Two Drives
Free Support & Help
Biometric Integration
Daily Backup (Local drive & Google drive)
For Life Time
Life Time
Unlimited Students
Unlimited Staff
Daily Backup on Two Drives
Free Support & Help
Biometric Integration
Daily Backup (Local drive & Google drive)


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Students Management

Student Registration

Registration of a new student is absolutely easy, you can add students one by one manually or import in bulk from excel sheet.

Classes & Sections

System allow to add multiple classes and sections, each class can contain multiple sections further these sections can be assigned to students.

Students Promotion

At the end of educational year, you can easily promote students to next level of class without effecting their other records.

Guardian Management

System recognize the actual guardian via biometric and call automatically to concern student on the base of saved information.



Subjects for all classes can be added, update or delete, these subjects are used in exams marks and reports to generate result.

Class Routine

Here you have to specify a relation of teacher, subject, period, class and days of week. This helps to manage work load of teachers.


Period name, period number, start time and end time accordingly managed, further these periods can be assigned to teachers and classes.


Multiple steps are involved to manage exams, like exam name, exam date, exam marks, subject based and overall result.


Biometric Attendance

Easy and fast way to save correct time and date of attendance for students and staff, anytime you can check attendance of all or a specific person.

Manual Attendance

Manual attendance is also available it is up to you either you take attendance with biometric or manually, system keep a record in both way.


System allow to manage leaves for students and staff members, you can give leaves to a staff member that will be saved in system and can be viewed during attendance.

Edit Attendance

As attendance is a very sensitive matter so it is not allowed to edit attendance but sometime it’s needed so only authorized user can edit attendance.



Fee frequency vary school to school some schools collect fee on monthly bases whereas some collect after each two months.

Fee Assignment

Different options are available to assign fee like monthly, occasional, late fee and fine assignment, every step have full history to track transections.


Challen covers its issue date, voucher validity, due date, fee month and same way bank account details to deposit fee.

Waive Off

An authorized user can waive off fee of a student as well as can lock commitments of parents, this is useful to remember commitments.

Salary or Payroll


School Management Software allow you to add multiple types of allowances and penalties, this effects on final salary of a user.

Salary Assignment

Monthly, occasional, per-visit or per-hour salary can be assigned, with a single click salaries will be assigned to users.

Salary Payment

System will keep a record of all payments either its full or partial payment, loan or installment, security deposit or withdraw.


To manage a good history system saves salaries and parallel increments this helps to administrators to determine staff progress.

Settings and Reports


School management software is highly customizable, mostly requirements vary from school to school, by using settings section you can customize as per your requirements.


Reports of all actions, summary and details on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly bases, you can either download or print a crystal report.


On daily bases system generate backup of full database on two different paths, a backup can be restored with single click.


Our team of software developers is continuously working to upgrade to meet the latest requirements, so all the time you have latest copy of software.



Unlimited staff can be added these accounts are protected by username and password, specific roll is assigned to each user to manage their capabilities.


Each user assigned a roll and each roll have specific capabilities, it is up to administrator to assign roll to a user.


Same way capabilities are linked to rolls like an accountant may have different capabilities whereas a teacher have different ones.


Returnable Security is an amount that a school staff deposit at the time of being hired and withdraw at the time of resigned.


To manage expense multiple categories and expense heads can be created. At the end of month a complete report of expense can be found.

What is the School Management Portal?

The Accounts Manager module within the School Management Portal provides administrator access to all users linked to their school for class and account management within Schools.
Username: demo
Password: demo123

Features include:

  • Manage Teacher and Student account details
    • View Account information (name, email etc.)
    • Reset user’s forgotten passwords
    • Create and fulfill new accounts for student instantly
    • Troubleshoot account or title access by viewing what’s on a user’s bookshelf
  • Manage digital-first product connections – by teacher, by student and by product type
    • Connect, disconnect, transfer and copy user connections
  • Manage learnON premium class connections
    • Add and transfer students and teachers into their new or changed classes

List of Features:

  • Rich Dashboard with analytics
  • Branch Management
  • Region Management
  • Auto SMS to Parents
  • Admin Module
  • Student Module
  • Teacher Module
  • Parent Module
  • Subject Module
  • Class Module
  • Grade Module
  • Manage Marks
  • Attendance Module
  • Message Module
  • Notice-Event Module
  • Transportation Module
  • Hall List
  • Holiday Module
  • Migration Module
  • Payment Module
  • Reports
  • Student Class Routine
  • Teacher Routine
  • Print marksheet in PDF
  • Migrate student in single click
  • Once click Install
  • Powerful features with unique design

The School Management Portal Accounts Manager module can be accessed through the bookshelf of staff who have been authorised for administrator-level access. All schools are eligible for access to the School Management Portal.

school management portal

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School Management Portal

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