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Benefits School fees collection software

Benefits School fees collection software

Fees are an essential factor of schools or any educational institution after students. Managing fees on software saves the hassle of paperwork, and management can look at the institution’s revenue. School Fee Management System helps all educational institutions to work hassle free regarding fee collection and reporting.

School Fee Management System is a comprehensive solution for institutions to automate the collection and reporting process. It ensures hassle-free management and saves about 96% of the time compared to manual work. This module automatically calculates fees based on balance, advance, dues, and date and also calculates fees for a single student, section, or class.


Secure Centralized Solution: The system is online and offline, thus making the data secure and centralized. It also allows parents to access their family details. Therefore
parents are aware of their children’s activities.

Minimize manual work: It automates maximum processes that reduce manual work and make the system error-free, such as fee reporting. Management has to do many calculations to generate the summary report, which is error-prone. But the system generates all the reports with just one click.

Automatic calculation: Calculating the fees of every student without any error is difficult for a human. However, the software does all these calculations in a minute without error.

Daily fee collection: This software facilitates daily fee collection and record keeping. From monthly fees to annual fees, the calculation keeps track of records. You can easily view detailed and concise fee records.