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Biometric school attendance software

Biometric school attendance software

Get security identification and attendance with the Software Linkers Biometric attendance system. We integrate the Biometric device with our school management software. Any school that is using our school management software can access the biometric attendance system easily. With biometric systems, the attendance of students and staff can be easily tracked. In biometric school attendance software, you can track students and staff attendance via barcode, face print, biometric, and RFID card.

Features and benefits of Biometric system

  • Powerful attendance reports
  • Save time and effort
  • staff routine time
  • Overtime hours
  • Present and absent report
  • Auto SMS send to parents on attendance
  • Different types of SMS templates
  • Daily and monthly reports of multiple and single users
  • Unique system
  • Show student balance on attendance
  • Show previous attendance record on attendance
  • Different report views
  • Attendance summary
  • Attendance remarks
  • Overtime status
Biometric school attendance software
Biometric school attendance software
Students Management

Students Registration & Admission, Family, Clacess, Sections management, Attendance, Students promotion.

Staff Management

Teacher and other staff management, staff role, staff capabilities, staff biometric and manual attendance.

Fee Management

School, tution, transport fee, papper funds and every type of fines. Different fee for every calss and every student.

Powerful Reports

Full school income and expenses report. Students, attendance, fee, salary, exam, and class routine reports.

Guardian Management

Guardian Name, CNIC No, phone no, address, picture and biometric verification.

SMS Alerts

Attendance report SMS to parents, fee, result, parents meeting and holidays SMS.