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Cargo Management System

Our cargo management software is a desktop based application. Using it (cargo management software) you can manage the shipping process with customer details. It is the most useful and advanced management system like school management software and Salon Management System. Our cargo management software manages the bilty, customers, income, expenses, staff and staff salaries.

Key Features


Our cargo management system is a desktop based global cargo application. It manages your customers, Bilty Number, customer name, mobile no, address, and Biltyes.


The Cargo Management System helps you to manage your customer relationships. We are offering a desktop application which allows managing all the information of your customers.

Staff Salaries

Our salon management software gives you powerful reporting option. Get reports in excel file or printed form.


Income tool helps you to manage all your cargo income with detail.


Add and manage your daily expenses and keep a check on money spent on every item.


Add & manage your working staff in software with their address, picture, biometric verification, and legal documents. Manage their salaries.

For Life Time
Renews Life Time
Unlimited Students
Unlimited Staff
Daily Backup on Two Drives
Free Support & Help
Biometric Integration
Daily Backup (Local drive & Google drive)
Installation charges $10 (First time installation free)
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Cargo Management System

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