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Examination management System

Examination management System

The examination is the result of academic life performance. So every school tries to manage it well. However, the administrator faces many problems in managing it. SoftwareLinkers Examination Management System provides a central platform for schools to manage exams and calculate the marks, positions, grades, and percentages. It is a powerful feature of school management software. This module minimizes errors and is free of cast.

Key Features

Convert hard exam tasks to easier magically with SoftwareLinkers exam management system. This module has multiple features that are simple to speak but help to perform difficult tasks. Let’s know about these modules.

Multiple exam creation

It allows you to create multiple exams such as multiple choice, and active/deactivate. You can create an exam name with the exam date. It helps you to find the exam reports. You also can link the exam with classes.

Different passing percentage

This feature allows you to set your own passing percentage. You can set passing percentages separately for each class and each subject as you wish.


It enables administrators to schedule exams, assign exam timings, and manage exam calendars.

Datesheet/Roll no slip

The system allows to create of attractive roll no slips with students pictures and names. Here is a question, how to make datesheet, and how much time is required? Just 5 to 10 minutes are required to set up the datesheet for all students. You can visit this article how to setup datesheed.

Examination management System
Examination management System



It automates many of the manual processes involved in exam management, such as scheduling exams and sending students. It saves time and reduces the administrative burden on the staff.


It reduces the potential for human error in tasks such as data entry, grading, and result processing, and ensures that they are accurate and reliable.


Institutions can customize result cards in unique formats to suit their specific needs, and set grading criteria.