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Q: Is it to be rebranded as per our requirement or you plan to sell us as it is?

Ans: It is customizable, you can change school name, logo, address etc. from Global Settings easily.

Q: Are you going to sell us the code too or the service only? Tell me the fee on both cases.

Ans: We are not selling code instead we sell the license to use the software.

Q: How long will it take us and you to launch the service in our school?

Ans: Launching the software + training both going parallel step by step
By screen sharing, we will guide you how to add/upload students to the software, once you add all the students, we will guide you manage fee, etc. so it’s a step by step process depends on you how quickly to complete the given task.

Q: What preconditions the implementation needs?

Ans: Although internet is not needed to run this software, still you need internet to get help from us.
Make sure you have a good computer with minimum 8GB RAM 10GB Disk Space

Q: Is the software authenticated in Ethiopia?

Ans: The software is being used internationally especially in Asia and Africa, so I suggest you to first run it as trial when you get satisfied then implement.

Q: What are the common issues schools that are using the software face? And how you and the schools solve the problem?

Ans: Most of the existing customers contact us for connectivity to multiple computers or bio-metric device connection, we solve their issue by screen sharing.

Q: What type of support will you give us? Paid/free? For how long?

Ans: Our support is free from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, we will provide you support as long as you use our software.

Q: Have it been used by other school? If so, which school? What were the challenges you and the school faced during implementation of the software and how you and the school solved these problems?

Ans: Yes the software is being used worldwide by 1700+ schools.
If from a school each time a new person contact us this cause problem for us, we have to explain same things again and again.
Sometime due to heavy load of requests customer have to wait for our response.

Q: What are the limitations of the software?

Ans: The software can’t be accessed over the web.
Android app have limited features

Q: What are the benefits that I will get by using the software (please detail me benefits in terms of financial benefit per month and how)?

Ans: Accuracy in fee receivable vs received, students advances, salary payable vs paid, staff loans, clear statement of expenses.

Q: Are the SMS notification we are sending to parents, staffs, etc paid or free? If paid, how much?

Ans: We provide 3 ways of notifications to the parents
1. Using Android app (parents will install this app on their mobiles) No extra expense.
2. Using bulk SMS (You need to purchase bulk/branded sms from your local mobile company) they will charge you per sms.
3. Using sim card (by using our sms Android App).

Q: Can you give me a demo account to review it?

Ans: It is a desktop based software, will be installed on your computer, can be downloaded from our website After installation, login with default
username: admin
Password: admin
As trial it will work for 10 days.

Q: What other fees are there? PLEASE tell me the FINAL and non-negotiable prices. Because, I am going to convince the management and shareholders with this proposal.

Ans: We have 4 pricing plans, you have to choose one from them
$50/One Year
$200/Five Years
$350/10 Years
If you buy Android App its onetime charges $60

Q: What type of additional staff do we need to use the software?

Ans: To use the software you need a computer operator for one school having 2000 students, one computer operator is enough.

Q: Which existing staffs will be not necessary after the implementation of the software?

Ans: One computer operator is enough to manage Students fee, Staff Salaries and other expense so additional staff is not needed for these tasks.