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Fee Management System

Fee Management System

The Fee Management System helps education institutions manage various fees and generate multiple reports regarding them. This processes payment, and payment methods, and tracks payment transactions regarding dates and months. This system helps to handle fee records, reduce administrative burden, and minimize errors compared to the manual.

Functions of fee management system


The fee management software automates the fee record and generates multiple reports regarding fee transactions.

Fee Collection

The fee collection module provides real-time record of dues and allows the collection of student fees by fee name.

Fees Structure

You can create your fee structure and define the type of school fees (monthly or occasional fees, fine) for all classes and sections.

Family-based Fee Collection

The system allows family-based fee collection. Every family has two, three, or more children. You can charge students fees along with their names.


Generate powerful reports on fee collection, and minimize errors for school revenue. Track outstanding and daily fee transactions.

Advantage for school

Effective Fee Collection: Automates the fee collection process, reduces manual efforts, and streamlines the overall operation.

Auto calculation: The system auto calculates the students fees by fee name, section, class, and daily or monthly basis.

Auto notification: Send auto SMS alerts on fee collection via SIM card or WhatsApp.