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Guardian Management Software

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Guardian Management Software

Every school wants a school management software that handles student’s registration, attendance (Biometric & Manual), performance, Students Promotion (Class to Class), and Guardian Management. Do you want to know how to access and use it?

Register Students Guardians

School Management Software, Guardian Management feature instantly analyzes the identity of your visitor with a general database of all over registered guardian via finger verification. The guardian information includes guardian name, guardian relation (parents, relative or drivers), guardian phone, guardian address, CNIC no and guardian finger verification. All these things are taken the time of registration. This detailed information helps the schools and parents avoiding the terrorists.

Guardian Management System

Instantaneous Students Guardians Check

On the School Gate, Guardian Management feature allows you to check registered guardians such as parents or drivers, not allowed unknown or bad persons such as expelled students or drugs dealers. A father is sincere of the child, while some unwanted people try to enter it.

Unlimited Guardians Check

School Management Software, Guardian Management feature not allow to check limited peoples. No limit, no need to purchase additional features. Only purchase School Management Software and enjoy them with all features.


  • Top security
  • Username and Password Protection
  • Save from bad persons such as expelled students, drugs dealers or terrorists.
  • Phone: Parents can be called in emergency situations using phone no.
  • CNIC: It reveals that this person is really the domestic. No foreign terrorists.