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Import students from excel

Students -> Import Students
Before import make sure you have taken a full backup of the database to avoid any type of data loss and also check your excel sheet has mandatory columns like student name and roll no etc.
To import students from excel
1. Select excel file
2. If the excel file contains more than one sheet then a select sheet.
3. Select a class where you want to import students
4. Select the section where you want to import students

Excel file binding
On the right side, there are some settings to bind excel files.
5. Add starting row number default is 2 you can change as per your excel file.
6. Ending row number, you can specify ending row number if your excel sheet contains more records of other classes or sections, otherwise select ‘All Rows’
7. Map some mandatory columns to database fields
When you are done with these settings then click on ‘Display’ system will read the excel sheet and populate the grid, at this point you need to check and verify if in grid data is looking fine with respect to its columns then click on ‘Import’. All students from the excel file will be imported to the School Management Software database.
You need to repeat this for all classes or sections.