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School fee collection software

Institute management system

Tuition fees are the backbone of every school. Every school wants to maintain its fees well. It is difficult for schools to keep fee records on paper. So they need a complete management system that manages all their fees without any mistakes. School fee collection software helps them. If you want to see the old fee record of a child, there is a lot of hassle for the administration on paperwork, and there is a possibility of error when the software shows the old fee record with a single click. Technology is increasing with time. Technology plays a central role in schools, like other fields. Thanks to this, work done in hours is done in minutes.

What did we do?

Software Linkers has played a central role in school technology and introduced school management software. It maintains all records of school income to expenditure and students to staff. The School fee collection software presents an automated, highly adaptable, and comprehensive solution. It manages all types of fees, for example, school, tuition, sibling, admission, registration, and security fee, etc.

The management of schools is not only based on fees but also involves a lot of administrative work. School management software plays a central role in administrative work. In addition to fees, it manages students, school exams, biometric attendance and manual attendance, SMS alerts, staff salary, guardian, and academic solutions.


  • Reduce paperwork and save time
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • No mistake in the calculation
  • Fast and easy way to submit fees
  • SMS alerts on fee collection

Core Modules

  • Fee invoice
  • Fee assignment
  • Occasional fee assignment
  • Assign a single student fee
  • Fee voucher/chalan
  • Family-based Fee voucher/chalan
  • Fee collection
  • Family-based fee collection with single database
  • Fee structure
  • Standard fee setting
  • Bulk fee update
  • Different payment methods
  • Commitments
  • Edit fee (payments)
  • Fee detail
  • Fee history with user (accountant)
  • Multiple fee reports
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly fee report
  • Fee receipt
  • Fee transaction
  • Billing summary by date
  • Billing summary by challan
  • Fee balance report
  • Payable fee report