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School Mark Sheet Software

School Mark Sheet Software

Our school Mark Sheet Software module is unique and successful software that allows you to print the mark sheet in multiple formats. The position, grade, and percentage will show on the result card. You can also customize the result cards. School exam management system software is developed specifically for the requirements of all kinds of schools. Our School examination management system helps to manage students’ exams with authentic values, grades, percentages, and marks. Marks, grades, percentages, and positions are fundamental in the exam. These are easy to see, but their calculation is a delicate matter. There are opportunities for mistakes in paperwork, while the computer prepares all these calculations in one click without any error.

School Mark Sheet Software

Grade base position

This module is perfect for beginner students. Administrators can give the position to students on a graded base. That is, students with 97% to 100% grades are ranked first, and students with 93% to 97% grades are ranked second.


Give different grades to students on marks or percentages based.

Technical Features of School Mark Sheet Software:

  • Importing student marks from Excel.
  • Get students results in excel.
  • Class and section-based position.
  • Exams group result
  • Datesheet
  • Multiple result cards.

Basically, it is the module of School Management Software. School Management Software is designed to fulfill all educational institutes’ requirements, including schools, colleges, and academies. It is secure, reliable, and same time has a user-friendly interface.