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Staff Management Software

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Staff Management Software

School Management Software, staff management module helps to manage all the information about their teachers along with teacher’s attendance (manual and biometric) and salary. With a single click, the employee details can be extracted. This module keeps detailed information about staff like name, username, password, fingerprint (biometric sensor), user role, capabilities, and salary, address, and contact information. This software has the facility to track and analyze the performance of staff. This software also prepares essential reports like staff attendance, details, and academic performance report, etc.

Staff Management Software
Staff Management Software

Benefits of School Management Software

School Managemen Software (desktop Offline application) helps to maintain staff and student manual and biometric attendance with accuracy.
It is a simple and easy way to generate students’ and teachers’ identity cards.
The staff management feature also manages the details for expiring employees.
This module also manages the teacher’s syllabus with subjects, periods, and periods status.
Calculation the staff salary, salary receipt, advance, deductions, salary with installment, loan and leave reports.
This software helps in the development of staff and work for their work allocation.
This software ensures accuracy in payroll calculation and reduces times in preparing worksheets.

User Management Software

School Management Software comes with a good user or Staff management module. It allows you to manage all the staff details like their login details (username and password), defines salary, and leave-structure, identity cards salary with installment, etc. Besides that, it manages students’ information, student attendance (manual and biometric), fee vouchers, fines, and id cards.