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Static IP Address Settings

Follow these steps for static IP address settings
1. Open command prompt by writing “cmd” in Windows start/search
2. In command prompt write “ipconfig /all” and press enter

3. Highlighted information will be used in the next steps
4. Open Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Settings, following window should appear

5. In my case I am using Wi-Fi so I will right-click on it and will go to properties

6. Select TCP/IPV4 and click on properties
7. Select (Use the following IP Address)
Now the time to see the information from command prompt windows you open in start
8. IP Address (in command prompt window find IPv4 Address change its last value to 3 digits like 200 )
9. Subnet Mask (in command prompt window find Subnet Mask and add as it is mostly it is )
10 Default Gateway (in command prompt window find Default Gateway and add as it is)
11. Preferred DNS Server (in command prompt window find DNS Servers and add as it is)
12. Alternate DNS Server (It is optional you may leave it empty)
Finally, it should look like this.