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Students Attendance Software

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Students Attendance

We know students may miss school for illness, emergencies, or for religious reasons, but every school wants to see every student in school every day. Do you know that the students attendance has been the best at the end of the year? If the answer is not, our school management software can help you. With school management software, you can easily see every student’s record at the end of the year.

School management software, attendance feature

Once you have entered your student’s list. In this way, student attendance and checking their records will be easy for you.


  • Faster and easier to use than any other solutions. For example paper and pen.
  • Get all the previous information easily.
  • Track all the students as you want in the same place with different classes and sections.
  • Customize your tracking anyway as you want.
  • You can add or remove students from your classes list.
  • Apply attendance only one click.
  • Biometric attendance.
  • Students Promotion.
  • Track complete Student Attendance by using this school management Software.
students attendance system
Username And Password Protection

Our school management software Features

  • Top security.
  • Username and Password Protection.
  • Backup facility.
  • Student’s attendance tracking.
  • Report generation.
  • Guardian management.
  • Class management.
  • Computerized fee vouchers.
  • Parent’s information.
  • Multiple users.