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Students Promotion (Class to Class)

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Students Promotion (Class to Class)

The main goal of a school is not to call students to school but also to solve their academic and behavioral problems. However, the schools will ask students whether they benefit from the school or the school helps them learn something. Keeping in mind all these requirements, Softwarelinkers have developed a software that fulfills all of these schools’ needs. Students Promotion is the main aim of a school.

Academic Year 2017-2018

A school track of student’s educational performance while moving students from one class to another class. Our School Management Software promotes the academic year of students with all the old records of students.

Students Promotion (Class to Class)
Benefits of the School Management Software, Students Promotion feature:

  • Moves students from one class to second class with their unique roll number.
  • Moves students with their old record.
  • Moves the students of a section to the same section in the next class and has the ability to change the section of students.

Feature School Management Software

  • Students promotion.
  • Class promotion in school.
  • Class promotion letter.
  • Class promotion in school application.
  • Promoted to next class.
  • Classroom section management.
  • Username and Password Protection.
  • Classroom Management Software.
  • Student Registration Software.
  • Fully School Management System.