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Tuition management system

Tuition management system

This module of school software will help improve your tuition centers. Manage students by creating multiple groups, keeping absentees, sharing exams with SMS, and multiple fee plans from one app. The tuition management system manages class schedules, timetables, exams, and fees. This software is designed to meet all the needs of Tuition Centers.

Advance SpecialityTuition management system

Multiple groups

Create multiple groups for students to apparent the students’ progress. i.e. grade A+, A, B+, b or Excellent, Weak, etc.

Attendance record

Maintain academic year attendance records of the students.


Create a different schedule for each class routine. The timetable will show dates, times and days.


Generate different types of reports with one click. It helps track the record of the student.

Exams and tests

It helps to manage students’ exams with authentic values, grades, percentages, and marks. Marks, grades, percentages, and positions are fundamental in the exam. These are easy to see, but their calculation is a delicate matter. There are opportunities for mistakes in paperwork, while the computer prepares all these calculations in one click without any error.

School erp software

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